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Novelty Pink Spike Helmet

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Novelty GermanSpikes Pink Spike Helmet

  • Moisture Absorbent 
  • Nylon Strapping
  • Non-DOT Helmet
  • Certification: Novelty
  • 1.62 Inch Gold Steel Spike: Attached
  • Please read the Novelty Helmet Notice for your safety
Approximate Helmet Sizing

Size            Helmet Circumference in Inches
XS              20 ¼-20 7/8
S                 21-21 5/8
M                21 ¾-22 3/8
L                 22 ½-23 1/8
XL              23 ¼-24
XXL           24 1/8-24 7/8

We Offer German Spike Motorcycle Helmets and German Style DOT Biker Helmets, along with traditional styles.

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